Introduction to the Red Bull Bedroom Jam finalists

With the Red Bull Bedroom Jam finals, the very last acts that will perform on this year’s Graspop Metal Meeting are finally known. Powerstroke, Age Of Torment and Wolves Scream ultimately convinced the jury and will get to play a set in the metaldome on thursday 18th of June. Maybe a little introduction will convince you to come early and catch some Belgian talents.

Hailing from the small East Flemish city of Eeklo, Powerstroke reached the finals thanks to a wildcard. They easily convinced the jury nevertheless. Their thrashy kind of hardcore has already gathered a vast fanbase which even American rapper Ice-T is a proud part of. They even toured with the rapper’s vey own band Body Count. They will be performing on Graspop the next day, so the guys might just drop in to say hello. This next song was taken from their latest album ‘In For A Penny, In For A Pound’ and to my opinion has a very familiar ring to it.

With Age Of Torment, our very capital sends it’s children to the hallowed metal grounds as well. The four piece band from Brussels brings modern thrashcore that is often compared to Machine Head, Soilwork or Channel Zero. On tour, they’ve already shared stages with the likes of Europe and Death Angel. This next song hails from their second and latest effort ‘I, Against’.

Our final band, Wolves Scream, might just have the edge. with their energetic post-hardcore, they blew the jury a little further away than the rest and they earned their spot as (sort of) headliner. After lots of touring and even some line-up changes, the five piece that was founded in 2010, finally released their first EP ‘Hurricane’ back in 2014. So, there’s plenty of reasons to believe their stage show will be spot on in a month. All that’s left is for us to prepare to be blown away as well.


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