Luciferian Light Orchestra – Luciferian Light Orchestra

10998084_1611534712395522_2721787246362926931_oIt’s a question as old as time itself: What do musicians do in their spare time? As for Therion mastermind Christofer Johnsson, he fills them writing some old school occult shizzle. As a matter of fact, a little too old school and occult to record with Therion. That’s why he seemingly decided to record it all under the flag of Adelruna Records with a little help from mixer Lennart Östlund (ABBA, Led Zeppelin,…). All hail Luciferian Light Orchestra!

After some powerful drum strokes, Dr Faust On Capri opens up a can of mystical atmosphere, thriving on organ sounds. A dreamy female voice kicks in. Near the end, there’s also some male singing voices to be heard. You had my curiosity, mr Johnsson. Now you have my attention.

Second song Church Of Carmel is where it all gets really interesting. The chorus has this very enjoyable drive, reminding me of some of Ghost’s (Ghost B.C. for our American friends) best work. It particularly reminds me of Year Zero. The track also has some fine guitar solo work topping it all. Maybe something I miss a little bit throug the rest of the record.

LLO_press_lowresThroughout the album, the Ghost feeling remains. Most of the songs are sung by a woman who remains nameless just like all the other musicians (there’s the Ghost reference again), but get to hear some more songs with masculin vocals as well, like Eater Of Souls and Venus In Flames. Even with some different vocals, most of the songs have the same vibe, which makes the album have a certain coherence, although it could get kind of boring after a while.

Nevertheless, there’s enough elements to make the album remain interesting. The funny titled Sex With Demons  for instance has some playfully funky guitar riffs. Near the end, or must I say after the end because it’s actually a hidden track, there’s still a very energetic piece of music, with even some screaming female vocals acting as the ultimate wake-up call closing this intriguing piece of work.


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