Mörglbl – Tea Time For Punks

Morglbl-TeaTimeForPunks-web-e1431022418403“We’re French, people don’t expect us to come up with a catchy sounding name, or English lyrics for that matter”, I’m just trying to figure the way of thinking that went into the process of coming up with the name of French jazz-metal fusion trio Mörglbl. They are a very talented bunch of musicians though, which ‘Tea Time For Punks’ is already the sixth example of.

Apparently M-ö-r-g-l-b-l was the first thing that came into axe master Christophe Godin’s head when his band first got booked for a gig. I’m guessing I have just figured out why their music is mostly instrumental. But enough with the foolery, we have an album to review!

The first things that spring into mind when gazing upon the album art and tracklist, are lots of references to Great britain, with the Big Ben, the penny and crazy titles such as Far Tea Time and God Shave The Queen. Anyway, it’s what comes out of our boxes that counts the most: Ban Jovi opens up with a strange intro that contains bells and banjo’s. Some heavy as shit riffs are alternated with goofy lead guitar lines.

It’s immediately clear where the band gets its inspiration: Primus, Steve Vai and of course Frank Zappa. Lots of Frank Zappa. The lead guitars on Root on the other hand, have a more emotional feel, again alternated with some heavy progmetal riffing. The only thing missing, are some Dutch market vendors and  a drunk man singing Yellow Submarine, oh wait.

The combination of virtuosity and humour is a tricky one. Yet, there’s three musicians from France, combining jazz, prog, metal and absurd comedy without any trouble. The amount of funny samples in between is so high, I should probably let you discover most of them yourselves. In between there’s some tracks like Chinese Buffet or Far Tea Time that truly are a display of the musicians’ talent.

During some of those tracks such as Mariachi Burger, it gets sheer impossible not to start grinning. The song sounds very funny and although intend as a parody, there’s even some vocals!

Although I can’t stress the talent of the musicians nearly enough, their unique blend of wacky crossover jazzmetal isn’t for every music fan to enjoy. Chances of all of your family members going “What in the fricking world are you listening to now?” are presumably very high. Hell, after over an hour of this foolishness, I had something of “now it’s time for something completely different” myself. But at least the fans will be truly delighted with Mörglbl’s new set of tunes.


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