Clutch – Club de B

promo-2009-01-hiresHow can you better prepare for the four day madness of Graspop Metal Meeting than with some live rock ‘n’ roll? American funk/southern metal band Clutch stopped by Torhout’s Club de B along with GMM openers King Hiss, so why not go check it out?

From the absolute start, it became quite clear why bands go outside once summer comes. The inside of the club in the garden of culture house the Brouckere was scorching hot. And with opening stoner metallers King Hiss playing a home game, things got even more heated up. From the first notes of La Haine Singer Jan Caudron shaked himself in a seizure-like trance and involved his band mates in his enthusiasm, almost assraping his bass player before pouring a bottle of water in his neck. Songs like King Hiss, Snakeskin and Sadlands were melted together to fit as much stone-crushing stoner metal as possible into the set, occasionally leaving some space for greeting their audience in their juicy native West-Flemish accent.

IMG_20150610_225856Call it solidarity from one super villain towards another, but I really dig King Hiss. Caudron from his side showed some solidarity with fellow Belgian stoners Your Highness by wearing a t-shirt, which got sweat all over it in no time though. This time, there even was another internationally acclaimed band waiting to show us some tricks. Around 21h30, the club was packed for Clutch to give us their best. By the time they got to the duo Crucial Velocity and Earth Rocker, they got everyone shaking along. Frontman Neil Fallon took a little time to explain they particularly love to perform inside these “little black boxes” instead of larger festival areas.

“More cowbell”, he must’ve thought right before starting DC Sound Attack! on his harmonica. With Firebirds, X-Ray Visions and Sons of Virginia we also got some songs from their coming album ‘Psychic Warfare’ that already seemed to have a high sing-along vibe.

The clear apotheosis of the evening obviously came with regular set closer Electric Worry. With lots of people jumping up and down and moshing along to the catchy chorus, the temperature even got higher, along with the atmosphere. Lots of smiling, sweaty bastards in that pit. A short encore in the appearance of Wolfman later, our general rehearsal for next week is done. Bang bang! Vamanos vamanos!


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