Civil War: “Patrik is the best singer in the world”

civilwar__highresThere has been some delay, but I finally got Civil War (and former Sabaton) drummer Daniel Mulback to answer some questions. Preparations for their summer tour supporting their second studio effort ‘Gods And Generals’ are coming along, although there still seems to be some spare time to follow the Eurosong contest. You know, being Swedish and all.

Hello, Daniel. How are the preparations for the tour coming along?
Daniel Mullback:
“We’ll be playing lots of festivals this summer, so we’re very busy rehearsing at the moment. We’re playing a couple of times every week now.”

Any ideas or special plans for making it special?
Mullback: “We’re only just the supportband so there’s actually not enough time and space on stage for many extra’s. But we promise that we will give 110% every night and give the fans a great time.”

New songs you’ve been particularly looking forward to playing live?
Mullback: “Right now I really enjoy playing all the new songs from the ‘Gods And Generals’ album, but if I have to choose one it has to be USS Monitor. I enjoy playing the fast songs most of all.”

What evolution has the band been through since the first album?
Mullback: “With ‘The killer angels’ being our first album, we didnt really know what we would sound like. We wanted to create a good mixture of power and heavy metal. Now after our second release we are really starting to find our sound. Peter Tägtgren (multi-instrumentalist who played with Hypocrisy and Pain and who helped produce the new album), NDS) is a genius and he has done a fantastic job on ‘Gods And Generals’. We’ve done more work on it this time, which really paid off. I have the feeling we’ve become a little heavier as well.”

Power metal has been around for quite a while, how do you keep things fresh and interesting?
Mullback: “We mainly try to keep it spontaneous, actually. We just write music that we like. we dont think so much about being fresh and interesting.”

Right  before Gods and General was released, you had to say goodbye to Oscar and Stephan. Could you tell me something about the circumstances?
Mullback: “Oskar didnt want to play music anymore, he was tired from the Sabaton era and wanted to focus on other things in life. Stefan was kicked out out the band for different reasons. We still are friends but we couldn’t communicate well enough anymore in the end. Small things that went big after a while. There’s no hard feelings though.”

Y564_CivilWar_CMYKou became a father yourself not so long ago. Did you at one point consider quitting?
Mullback: “Not even once. I knew one year after I quit Sabaton that I somehow can’t live without playing the drums. I haven’t had any problems actually, to play in a band and have a family at the same time. I think the secret in that is to always keep communicating with both my family and the band. There’s only few problems that can’t be solved with good communication.”

The lyrical theme is obvious: war. Has anyone dared to stand up and say for instance: let’s try a love ballad
Mullback: (Laughing) “Not so far, no. But maybe later we’ll write a new My Heart Will Go On or something like that. Some day, or maybe not…”

Would you say you’re moving further away from the Sabaton sound?
Mullback: “I don’t think our sounds are very much the same. Patrik (Nils Johansson) does not sound like Joakim at all. And we always try to use a different style when we’re writing songs than we did in Sabaton.”

Indeed Patrik sounds very different from Joachim, in what way did that affect your choice?
Mullback: “I knew from the beginning that Patrik was a fantastic singer. To my opinion he is the best singer in the world. We were really enthusiastic when he agreed to join the band.”

There’s a big age gap between different members. How is that working out?
Mullback: “That has really turned out great. Everyone has his own style and influences. There’s a great mixture in the band.” 

I feel like I should congratulate you with Sweden’s Eurosong win. Did you follow the happening?
Mullback: “Thank you. Yes and no, actually. I started to watch the contest but sadly, I fell asleep before it was all over. So I kind of missed most of the points.”

Even the darkest, most obscure metalbands sometimes claim to have been influenced by Sweden’s most famous Eurosong winners, Abba. How is that with you?
Mullback: “Yes, it’s exacly the same with us. Everyone of us absolutely loves ABBA!”

Sweden has become one of the biggest metal countries in the world. Any people you would love to do a collaboration with?
Mullback: “That’s a tough one. I can’t really come up with one name right now, but that always seems nice. We’ll see what the future brings.”

What if Joachim called one day, to celebrate like 25 years of Sabaton?
Mullback: “Absolutely! That would be fun!”


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