Antwerp Metal Fest preview

amfaffiche15With Graspop the biggest Belgian heavy metal appointment of the summer may have passed, but the festival summer has only just started nevertheless. Next in row is Antwerp Metal Fest at Bouckenborgh park in the first weekend of july. The line-up surely has some nice names. Let’s take a closer look so you know what you can expect.

The first name ringing a bell on friday 3rd of july are Belgian thrashers Bloodrocuted (main stage, 15h50). They have been touring quite a lot lately for their Disaster Strikes Back tour, so chances are you’ve seen them pass somewhere already. Anyway, their stage show will be pretty much spot on by now. Another familiar name are Australian hardcore band Deez Nuts (main stage, around 21h). Their latest effort ‘Word Is Bond’ was just released a couple of months ago, so there will definitely be some new tracks to check out.

People who like some old school death metal from Florida, USA will be particularly delighted with the first headliner. Obituary (main, 22h45) have released a great new album ‘Inked In Blood’ last year and have some great old stuff to play for us as well. Be sure to check their epic brand new video for the single Violence.

Other bands: Mästürbätör (thrash, main, 14h30); Deadalus (groove/death, marquee, 15h10); Hammerhead (thrash, marquee, 16h30); Killer (classic metal, main, 17h10); Bark (hardcore, marquee, 18h); Heart Of A Coward (metalcore , main, 18h50); Coldburn (hardcore, marquee, 19h40); After All (thrash, marquee, 21h40); after party with Goe Vur In Den Otto.

Saturday 4th of july will be pretty busy as well. Definitely go check the Dutch hard rock trio Vanderbuyst at the main stage (around 17h10). They will be retiring after this year, so go see and hear them while you still have the chance! Right after hurry to the marquee to see Red Bull Bedroom Jam finalists Powerstroke (hardcore, 18h). Apparently, there were some problems with the system to scan tickets at Graspop, so many people didn’t get in early enough to see them. Now’s another chance!

For headliner, we get some Austrian “diabolical death metal”. That’s right, around 22h45 at the main stage it’s Belphegor time! There was a hiatus because of tyfus related issues, but last year they made their big comeback with the great ‘Conjuring The Dead’. So say your prayers and hope your god can still save you after Helmuth and his accomplices have their way with you.

Other bands: We Scrape The Sky (hardcore, main, 14h30); Our Hate (hardcore, marquee, 15h10); Hexa Mera (melodeath, main, 15h50); Knives To A Gunfight (metalcore, marquee, 16h30); Bliksem (thrash, main, 18h50); Battalion (death, marquee, 19h40); Pro-Pain (hardcore, main, 20h30); Grumpf (heavy, marquee, 21h40); after party with the AMF All Star Band.

For more info and tickets, you can visit



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