System Overthrow – System Overthrow

SystemOverthrow_Icon_LSome new material landed in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago, and what’s more satisfying than discovering some new music (hipster alert)? System Overthrow are a Dutch four piece that landed a first self-titled EP back in 2013 and now, they’re coming with their first – once more self-titled – full album.

“Liar – Traitor “, singer Willy Van Der Kaa shouts during opener System Overthrow, while the song figuratively shouts “Overkill!” to me. Not the principle in which things are overdone in such a way that it ruins the whole effort, but the gang of Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth. It even has the same high amount of catchiness to it as some of the New Jersey  thrashers’ songs.

I also really dig the specific sound of Luc De Warem’s guitar. Kind of crunchy, like a combination of Dave Mustaine and (again) Overkill. If you listen to Raining Death, you’ll catch my drift. Although it’s all thrash close to things we’ve all heard before, there’s definitely enough freshness present. Take the guitar solo during Rise From The Ashes, which has an almost folky feel to it.

Riffwise, the album has quite much of the same honestly. They keep up pretty much the same average speed and sound throughout the eight tracks. But that’s just inherent to the genre. How many Slayer albums have the same overall speed and sound? Close to all of them.

Final song Fallen Angel – which appears to be a little less speedy though – comes before we can even notice. About halfway the gas pedal gets pushed in to loosen up again a little later. In just under half an hour, System Overthrow has awoken the listener’s appetite, leaving us hungry for what’s yet to come. Maybe for the next one they could come up with an actual album name. But then again, if Led Zeppelin didn’t, why would they?


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