Audrey Horne/Dead Lord – Trix Club

1610968_840623359352160_2601312893326929748_nA nice evening after my very first week on the new job. That’s what I was looking for when I went to Trix Club friday night. The bands I was putting my hopes on: Australia’s Dead City Ruins, Swedish Dead Lord and Norwegian hard rockers Audrey Horne. Having to cross the Antwerp ring during the friday evening rush hour eventually proved to be totally worth it!

Not that many people seemed to be thinking like me though. By the time support act Dead City Ruins – an Australian hard rock band with second home right here in Belgium – entered the stage, the turnout was lower than at last years Dimitri Bontinck fan meeting (for the people from abroad, he’s an ass who gets laughed at by pretty much everyone). The Aussie five-piece didn’t seem to mind and played their set with great enthusiasm, thanking their host family for their hospitality. Apparently, they are big Duvel fans as well. In between, lead guitarist Sean Blanchard almost slid right offstage on his pointy cowboy-like shoes.

Up next were Dead Lord, a band that has already been on Rockpalast in Germany, but that nevertheless has to play shows in Belgium for five people and a horsehead (yes, that’s an actual saying here in Flanders). They started off cautiously, really getting into it until bad luck struck and the lead guitarist’s strap broke. While he was trying to fix it, the other band members decided to start jamming Stranglehold. A little later, the crowd (well, the few people standing there) went nuts again when both guitarists included some The Trooper into one of their legendary guitar harmonies. They eventually left us with their shout-along hymn Hammer To The Heart (at least one song title I could remember).

When you’ve turned multiple songs from your latest album (Holy Roller, Out Of The City starring Amon Amarth frontman Johan Hegg) into videos where the band members are replaced with dolls of themselves, it actually seems only right that you open your show with the Muppet Show tune, isn’t it? Hasn’t anyone done that before? If so, why hasn’t anyone done that before? Anyway, for Audrey Horne, at least the tiny, cozy club on the second floor of the Trix centre got half filled up. Eat that, Dimitri Bontinck fan meeting!

AH1_AudreyHorne10_HaaraSinger Toschie thanked the fans for turning up, the support bands for, well, supporting and pointed to the merchandising in the back. He had to shout though, his voice was practically mute during the sonds. The band got a nice party started with songs like Here Goes A Lady, Straight Into Your Grave and Pretty Little Sunshine. The Norwegians really know how to get a party started. How could a party not get started, when Toschie starts running through the crowd, just like guitarists Ice Dale and Thomas Tofthagen? Yeah, they did that. Multiple times! Way too early, bass player Kjetil Greve announced set closer Waiting For The Night. The encore gave us This Ends Here and Redemption Blues, which a self-proclaimed Dead City Ruins groupie was requesting. Damn I love good music!



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