Spoil Engine – Stormsleeper

SpoilEngine_cover_stormsleeperThis one takes me back, as I remember scoring a short interview with guitarist Steven ‘Gaze’ Sanders for a school assignment after they opened for Megadeth at the AB, way before I became an evil supervillain conquering the internet with my opinion on evil music. Meanwhile, the Roeselare-based thrashers have recruited a new vocalist, the lovely Dutch Iris Goessens. At merely 20 years old, still a girl actually. To present their new addition, they have now released a new EP ‘Stormsleeper’, featuring six tracks.

Bearing in mind that their music holds the middle between thash and melodeath, the expectation with a female vocalist would be that they’d be heading in an Arch Enemy direction. And that seems to be pretty acurate. The opening riff from first track Disconnect has a definite My Apocalypse vibe.

SpoilEngine_bandpic_largeSo, how does the new vocalist do so far? Pretty effin’ great, I might claim. Those screams sound awesome. During the title track, which has also been made into a video clip, she switches to more clean vocals during the chorusses, and she does those neatly as well. Getting pretty excited to go check what she makes of it live, though.

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to only highlight the accomplishments of the vocalist. She can count on a very solid band writing and playing high quality aggressive music. As I’ve mentionned before, this Spoil Engine 2.0 goes into the direction of Swedish giants Arch Enemy, without the pompuous operatic influences that characterize Michael Ammot’s melodeath powerhouse.

With the more intimate EP closer Singing Sirens, the aggression goes way down, just to rise at the appropriate times. It’s one more great way of showing Spoil Engine are definitely not a one-trick pony. I can only add that hopefully ‘Stormsleeper’ could finally mark their big, and might I add well-deserved’ breakthrough.


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